Jane Fonda Voodoo Doll

During the Vietnam War she visited Hanoi, North Vietnam and promoted the end of the war and exploited U.S. POW's.
She soon to became know as Hanoi Jane, a fitting traitorous title.
It amazes me that no one hasn't shot this most useless bitch.
A severely demented Liberal Nut Case.
Now by sticking a pin, posting a comment here, you can get even after all these years. The Voo Doo curse is now upon Jane Fonda, her hair will fall out, she will get an incurable STD, and she will get breast cancer, oh goodie!


  1. LMFAO! AHAHAHAHA I hate Jane Fonda! Wish this was real.

  2. Someone should have done this traitorest bitch a long time ago,


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