Michael Jackson Voodoo Doll

Why a voodoo doll on a dead person?
Because this scumbag that people want to remember is nothing but a stinking child molester (pedophile).
Stick a Voo Doo Pin in Michael Jackson and stop the Devil from reincarnating this trash.
This is how he should be remembered!


Donald Trump Voodoo Doll

This guy is second only to Obama for being stuck on himself and being an arrogant media hog. Stick a Voo Doo Pin in Donald Trump by commenting here. It will cause that mop he calls a hairdo to fall out.


Barbara Walters Voodoo Doll

Why is that these OLD stinking useless hasbeens stick around forever.
This bad hairdo old bag should have retired a century ago.
Lets stick a Voo Doo Pin in Barbara Walters by commenting here and cause her hair and teeth to fall out.