The Osama bin Laden Voodoo Doll

First of all thanks to everyone who has followed my blog.
Next, I have gotten quite a few emails asking me for VooDoo Dolls of:
My Realtor, a picture was enclosed
My Lawyer, a picture was enclosed
My Neighbor, a picture was enclosed
Others included request for Voodoo Dolls of ...
John McCain
George Bush
Nancy Pelosi
Ted Kennedy
Caroline Kennedy
Barack Hussein Obama
Michelle Obama
Hillary Clinton
Bill Clinton
Dick Cheney
John Edwards
Sara Palin
Chris Mathews
Bill O'Reilley
Michael Vick
Osama bin Laden

So here is the one VooDoo Doll in the world everyone can relate to.
Stick a pin in his useless ass body and he will squirm from pain every time you stick him.
To stick a pin in Osama you must post a comment to this specific post.


Islamic Militant Fatwa Voodoo Doll

By commenting on this POST, you have stuck a 'Pin' in this VooDoo Doll.
As a result an Islamic Terrorist will die within 24-hours.

Coming Soon, Your Favorite Politician VooDoo Dolls

Stick'em, stick'en with those nasty Voodoo pins.
I will select politicians from around the world, mostly though from the United States.
Also totally useless assholes will be selected who are screwing this planet up for the rest of us.