Geaorge W. Bush Voodoo Doll

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As a result Bush will feel the pain of millions of middle class families suffering from economic woes within 24-hours.


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    let me be the first to stick a pin in this idiot

  2. is my tin foil hat on straight?1/28/2009

    thank you America 4 getting rid of this idiot

  3. Anonymous11/20/2009

    George Bush wouldn't have been so bad had he surrounded himself with good people instead of Cheney, Rove and some of those other shisters!!! He gave little concern to the constitution and if he felt like going against it SO BE IT!! He hid behind religion and used God to further his agenda. He was NOT a smart man and it showed when he got in front of a mike. He'd make a total babbling fool out of himself and thought he was making a brilliant speech. Poor Sap!!


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